Friday, August 27, 2004

I'm a real blogger!

I have a new favorite blog to add to my list:

Sound Politics

Check it out. It has some great bloggers, and I get to join them. Since that one's political, maybe this one can be theological, philosophical and, on occasion, silly.

To start off silly: I went to an "open mic" at a cafe in Tacoma earlier this week. (Not to participate, lest I become the hapless subject of someone else's blog.) A band, which I will not name, played.

No. It didn't play. It did something else, involving instruments and noise.

The moral of the story: Five humans collaborated to make that sound. And then they did it in public. Is this a reflection on our public schools? Because if it is, I'm in the right business . . . but I'm gonna need a lot of help.


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