Saturday, September 11, 2004

(sniff) I love it.

I just watched one of my favorite movies of all time: Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (with Jimmy Stewart and Jean Arthur, directed by Frank Capra).

Oh the glorious idealism and determination, integrity and principle!

For all the "freedom-fighters" out there, the words of Clarissa Sanders (Arthur): "Your friend Mr. Lincoln [faced powerful enemies]. So did every other man who tried to lift his thought up off the ground. Odds against them didn't stop those men. They were fools that way. All the good that ever came into this world came from fools with faith like that. You can't quit now."

And from Jefferson Smith (Stewart): "No sir, I will not yield!"


At 10:04 PM, Blogger Josef said...

A-MEN. Gotta rent me a copy. After you get some Zs, check out the small (or not so small) brushfire I've started with the pro-Initiative Throwmoremoneyatit crowd in re your posting on "concentrated benefits".

Josef out.

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