Monday, January 03, 2005

Depends on what "soon" is . . .

Despite the two-month gap between this and my last post, Washington still does not know who will be its next governor. After two machine counts in which Rossi maintained leads of 261 votes and 42 votes, respectively, the far left in the Democrat party put up the $730,000 deposit required to do a statewide hand recount. Gregoire came out on top by 129 votes.

Oddly enough, when Rossi was ahead it was a "literal tie" in Gregoire's words, but now that she's ahead it's a mandate from the people.

If it was legit, I'd say accept it and move on. But a bright and dedicated group of citizens have discovered so many "irregularities" (I will go so far as to say likely fraud) in the proceedings and counts that the outcome is completely untrustworthy.

Consider, for example, that the margin of error here is 129 votes. Yet the King County elections department counted more than 3,500 ballots for whom there are no reported voters.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Check out the excellent and alarming investigation results on, now the national source for information about "the closest gubernatorial race in political history".

Frankly, this isn't about Rossi vs. Gregoire or Republican vs. Democrat anymore. It's about protecting the right of voters to have an equal voice in the selection of their public representatives.

I've joined the chorus petitioning the legislature for a revote. It won't be cheap or convenient, of course. But then, it wasn't cheap or convenient to win the right to be a self-governing nation in the first place. The price was paid in lives.


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