Monday, February 07, 2005

Beware, Rogue Piercers!

Kids in Washington will have a harder time poking holes in their body if Sen. Pam Roach has her way. Senate Bill 5738 would make it a misdemeanor to body-pierce a minor without written parental consent, proof of relationship with consenting parent, and a parent present for the piercing.

I don't know if the state has a legitimate role here or not. I mean, do we need Big Brother stopping teenagers from doing stupid things, or do we need a government that supports (i.e. doesn't interfere with) reasonable parental discipline before and after the fact?

I don't have any body-piercings because I'm afraid of being struck by lightning in a storm, but I did have a roommate in D.C. who came home one day and blurted out: "I wath on the thubway coming home when I thaw thith girl with her tongue pierthed. She looked tho cute! Tho I got mine pierthed! It hurtth!"

She wasn't a minor though. What is government to do about that? I know! A body-piercing tax!


At 5:58 PM, Blogger Josef said...

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At 5:58 PM, Blogger Josef said...

Let's try again: Y-O-U want a NEW TAX?!?!?

Pardon me as I try to recover from laughter.

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