Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Miles did a hand-stand (paw-stand?)

In stark contrast to my sister, I was agility-challenged growing up. She was bendy, twisty and flippy. I was sore after sitting cross-legged for two minutes. She could do a hand-stand in the middle of the room. I was proud if I managed to lean against the wall upside-down on my head. (My family graciously called this a "head-stand." I haven't tried it since childhood, largely due to the suspicion that my head would explode.)

But this post is about Miles.

Miles did a hand-stand (paw-stand, whatever) the other day. On a normal day it's not unusual to see him crash into table legs or lose his balance running around a corner on the wood floor. On this day, he was facing The Medicine Dropper.

I had him cornered in the bathroom. It was me and the medicine dropper against him and his twenty claws and sharp teeth. I was bloodied, but not beaten. (If our IQs were any closer, he'd win, but I think I've got at least a hundred points on him.) The medicine dropper was getting closer and closer to his frowning, growling mouth and he was avoiding it by flattening his face against the floor. He managed to shrink and scrunch backward into the corner until there wasn't room for another molecule, and then he kept on going right up the bathroom wall until he was stretched vertically as far up the wall as he could go, his face still obstinately pointed at the floor.

Miles won that round because I started laughing, but I won the battle.

We fight again tonight. And tomorrow morning. And tomorrow night. And so on until he's done taking the antibiotics. To his credit, he's managed to splatter at least a dropper-full around the bathroom.


At 5:24 PM, Blogger FreeRangeAuthor said...

When I had to give doses of the liquid antibiotic to our cat, I just mixed the dose into their favorite moist cat food which they ate with glee.

Use a very small portion (half table spoon size) of favorite moist food to mix the liquid antibiotic, so they get the full dose.

No fights, no mess. I've even done this with tablets, crushing them into powder, then mixing in the moist food.

Brains over claw wins every time. Something those college degrees are supposed to improve ...


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