Thursday, March 03, 2005

Hurray. The union hates me.

I testified before the state's Senate Committee on K-12 Education yesterday regarding the issue of fraudulent teaching degrees.

The teachers' union has, of course, taken the opportunity to blast me as a Teacher-Hater. Under the benign headline "EFF lobbies against teachers," the union writes:

The Evergreen Freedom Foundation, funded by wealthy out-of-state businesspeople [hiss! businesspeople!!], claims it's not a political group.

Yeah, right. With funding from the Arkansas family that owns Wal-Mart
[HISS!!], EFF continues to advance its anti-union, anti-public education agenda in Olympia.

An EFF lobbyist
[meaning me! hiss! hiss!] recently testified before the Senate education committee, urging lawmakers to base teacher pay on student test scores instead of education and experience. She said the current pay system encourages teachers to cheat and "creates perverse incentives to defraud the system with false credentials."
1. I sure hope EFF gets funding from some businesspeople. I can't help but admire successful entrepreneurs and job-creators.

2. The union hates Wal-Mart because the company is non-union. The union really, really hates Wal-Mart. I like Wal-Mart because it sells cheap stuff.

3. If by "anti-union" the union means I'm against forcing some Americans to give large sums of money to an organization for the privilege of working, then yes, I suppose I am. I don't have any problem with voluntary unions though.

4. If by "anti-education" the union means I'm against forcing parents and taxpayers to submit their children and billions of dollars to institutions that can't manage to teach children to read, write and do math in the course of twelve years, then yeah, I suppose they're right. I'm all in favor of competition, choice and parent control over education so kids can actually get a good one though.

5. What in the world is wrong with expecting teachers to be able to show results (student achievement) in the classroom? What is wrong with allowing excellent teachers to earn pay that reflects their success? What's wrong with identifying teachers who can't do the job and allowing them to go ahead and move on to a career more suited to them?

6. As for "lobbying against teachers," you can certainly say I don't support teachers who spend $14.95 at an online diploma mill so they can submit a fraudulent degree and collect an illegitimate salary increase from taxpayers. The union conveniently left out the rest of my short testimony though, which you can read or hear here.


At 11:22 AM, Blogger Nathan said...

Lets get some legislation going that would make membership in public employee unions optional. I mean, if private employers have the option of going non-union, there's no reason government agencies shouldn't have that same option.

I would love to have a Governor who has the courage and vision to break the public employee unions. It would wreak all sorts of havoc in the short term, but long term it would save the state money and put more money directly into the employees' pockets.

At 1:15 PM, Blogger Josef said...

I'm now a public employee, an intern actually, and I do NOT need a union. Nor would I join one willingly. Unless it worshiped Marsha - some pun intended :-).

Oh and BTW: Remember the comment I posted on your blog about the falseness of being an againster... - well I just wanted to quote one line for you: "All tax monies come from the public and the public has a constitutional right to question, at all times, how this money is spent. If their right of open expression is smothered or discouraged by having to wear the tag of an “againster” then it is high time we put [Terry Bergeson] in the governor’s chair, replace members of the legislature with school superintendents and turn the State over to education forces, lock, stock and barrel." I put in brackets the current Superintendent of Public Education.

At 2:40 AM, Blogger Karridine said...

I applaud yr courageous stand against unions, and FOR teacher reward and accountability. (I am a GOOD teacher, began my teaching career age 20 teaching Korean at the US Defense Language Institute)

Couldn't publish the following comment at Sound Politics, dunno why.

"Agree with RLG, DannyHS and Colleen: there IS a non-leftist, non-rightist METHOD of a) instructing (building within) and b) educating (drawing out) which HAS quantifiable, objective components such that students receiving this form of informed education can be tested and yet still take away a qualitatively superior education to "Inculcation 101" which = that laid out by Colleen: the crippling, numbing and demeaning rote memorizing of PC facts and factoids and attitudes."

At 3:41 PM, Blogger RLG said...

Good! Getting them to hate you is a potentially valuable step, according to the adage to the effect that “you must beware who hate because you’ll become just like them.” Of course, according to that logic, we’d have to expect the Democrats to begin to resemble President Bush. Overly optimistic…. But keep up the good work, some legislators may have learned something, even if the “educators” in the Teachers Union resist being influenced by recommendations based in mere factual analysis and what would best serve the interests of schools, the teachers who teach in them, and the students currently trapped in them.

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