Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Miles: The Latest

Miles is almost completely healed and he's allowed outside again. He wasn't allowed out for a few months, so he still thinks he's doing a Bad Thing when he manages to scamper through the screen door I open for him. When I call him to come back in an hour or two later, he usually yells from somewhere in the backyard to let me know he's coming. Then he "sneaks" into the house.

The most exciting part of Miles' day is sneaking through the door in one direction or the other. I admit, affectionately, he isn't very bright. My roommate and long-time friend, Tiana, is less sensitive about it:

"I think Miles has smoked a little too much catnip, if you know what I mean."

Tiana's cat, Boston, is quite a bit smarter, but also evil. Boston got shot in the leg several years ago (I'm guessing in a drug sting), and she turns the limping on and off whenever she wants. If you have food, she's near death and can barely drag herself across the floor -- it's like she doesn't even have a leg there anymore. But if you look at her wrong, she'll bury the sharp end of it in whatever part of your body is closest. Then she'll cuss at you and stalk away.

Miles, watching the whole thing, thinks: "That Boston sure is nice."

I'd post a picture of Miles, but I haven't figured out how yet.


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